reebee Days of Christmas FAQ

reebee Days of Christmas FAQ

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Contests have been an important part of reebee since the company was established. Since 2012, reebee has been running contests to engage with our users and provide meaningful prizes! Since 2015, the Days of Christmas contest has been a huge part of the holidays here at reebee, and we’ve given away thousands of dollars in prizes each year. We hope you enjoy reebee’s Days of Christmas 2021!

reebee Days Of Christmas instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t see today’s flyer. How can I find it?
If you are unable to see today’s featured flyer, please change your postal code to K1A 1A1 and then attempt to access the flyer again. Check out this guide if you’re not sure how to change your location on reebee ➡️

When are the winners drawn?
Every week day, the winners will be drawn for the contest that took place the day before. On Monday, we will draw winners for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday’s contests.

Where can I find the list of winners?
Winners are posted every Monday through Friday on the reebee Days of Christmas blog. Keep up to date with winners and prize reveals here.

How many times can I enter?
Each individual is allowed to enter once per day, for a maximum of 24 daily entries throughout the Days of Christmas contest!

Can I win more than one day?
No, each entrant is only eligible to win one prize during this contest.

If you have any other questions, check out the full contest rules or feel free to let us know in the comments!

Jours de Noël reebee FAQ

Les concours sont une partie importante de reebee depuis la création de l’entreprise. Depuis 2012, reebee organise des concours pour s’engager avec nos utilisateurs et offrir des prix qui font plaisir! Depuis 2015, le concours Jours de Noël est un élément clé de la période de fin d’année ici à reebee, et nous avons offerts des milliers de dollars en prix chaque année. Nous espérons que vous apprécierez le concours Jours de Noël reebee 2021!

reebee Days Of Christmas instructions

Je ne peux pas voir la circulaire du jour. Comment faire pour la consulter?
Si vous ne voyez pas la circulaire, veuillez changer de code postal au H1H 1A1 et ensuite essayez de nouveau de la consulter. Visionnez ce guide si vous n’êtes pas sûr de comment change d’emplacement sur reebee ➡️

Quand sont les tirages des gagnants?
Tous les jours ouvrés de la semaine, le tirage est fait pour le concours du jour précédent. Les gagnants des concours le vendredi, le samedi et le dimanche sont tirés le lundi suivant.

Où peux-je consulter la liste des gagnants?
Les gagnants sont annoncés tous les jours de lundi à vendredi sur le blogue des Jours de Noël. Soyez à l’affût des gagnants et des prix ici.

Combien de fois est-ce que je peux participer?
Chaque personne peut participer une fois au concours du jour, pour un total maximum de 24 participations possibles au concours des Jours de Noël!

Est-ce que je peux gagner plus qu’un prix?
Non, chaque participant ne pourra gagner qu’un prix pendant le concours.

Si vous avez d’autres questions, nous vous invitons à consulter les règles officiels du concours ou de nous les partager dans les commentaires!

14 thoughts on “reebee Days of Christmas FAQ

  1. Every year this contest arrived signalling our arrival to the beginning of our December Christmas season 🎄Good luck to everyone in this beautiful season of sharing 🍀❄️🎄

  2. Dec.1/2021 4am ET
    Been trying to contact/email:”Privacy Officer reebee” at: “” since 11/20/2021 but no response????
    re: I can’t see today’s flyer. How can I find it?
    If you are unable to see today’s featured flyer, please change your postal code to K1A 1A1 and then attempt to access the flyer again. Check out this guide if you’re not sure how to change your location on reebee>>>
    This link does not help me to understand HOW or WHERE to go & change my postal code from this reebee site, cause I don’t have a personal account with
    ***PS: I also have already subscribed to your newsletter last year BUT have never received anything;
    whenever I try to re-apply again to your newsletter, I get a response saying that I’m already subscribed & that I’ll receive a link to change my account options BUT AGAIN, I never receive anything at my end, therefore,
    I think that there’s a glitch with my info and I’m wondering what needs to be done to fix this glitch???***
    Thank you for your time & hope to receive a reply from rebee this time.

    1. Hello Genie, We’re sorry to see that you’ve had trouble getting in touch with us! We received your email on November 20th and replied on November 22nd, but that for some reason may not have reached you. The video linked in our guide is for our mobile apps which are free to download and use and which are how most people engage with us. To change your location on, simply tap your current location near the top right-hand corner of the website, and enter a new postal code. Regarding our e-newsletter, please check your spam/undesirables folder. If by December 2nd you still have not received any new emails from us, please let us know at and we’ll be happy to be of further assistance!

  3. Thank you Reebee for the giveaways. I wish everyone good luck.
    All the great prizes. Would love to win any of these prizes.
    Very grateful to be able to enter!
    With all. the flyers I was able to look through, I was able to see all the sales & do my Christmas shopping this way. Merry Christmas to anyone who will be the 24 lucky 🍀 ones

  4. Je suis incapable de choisir le Ipad 9e génération. J’ai bien essayé plusieurs fois de cliquer sur cet item mais ça marche pas.

  5. Est ce que les gagnants sont contacté directement aussi?
    Ou il faut surveiller si notre nom est sur la liste?

    1. Bonjour Renée, les gagnants du concours seront contactés directement au courriel qui a été saisi dans le formulaire. Bonne chance!

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