reebee Days of Christmas Contest 2020 Winners

reebee Days of Christmas Contest 2020 Winners

La version française suit. Thank you to everyone who has participated in the reebee Days of Christmas 2020!

It’s that magical time of year again! To participate in reebee Days of Christmas 2021 click here!

We are overjoyed to share the lucky winner of the final grand prize. The $1000 in cash from reebee has been won by Corina Pritchett from Newfoundland and Labrador. Congratulations! We will be in touch to coordinate prize delivery.

Thank you to all who have participated in the annual reebee Days of Christmas Contest! Keep connected on your reebee app to hear about future contests and events.

Previous Winners

Dec 23: JVC 65″ Smart LED TV from reebee has been won by Walter Malinowski from Alberta.
Dec 22: $750 Gift Card to spend at IGA won by Marie Josée Desnoyers from Quebec.
Dec 21: Weber BBQ from The Home Depot won by Tara Knight from Ontario.
Dec 20: $750 Shopping Spree to Canadian Tire was won by Joanne McManaman from New Brunswick.
Dec 19: $750 to spend at PharmaChoice was won by Marvin Gibbons from Newfoundland and Labrador.
Dec 18: The Smart Home Bundle from Staples was won by Ila Van Waes from Ontario.
Dec 17: $750 to spend at M&M Food Market was won by John Kjarsgaard from Ontario.
Dec 16: $750 to spend at PartSource won by Joyce Fairbarn from Ontario.
Dec 15: $750 to spend at Guardian, I.D.A. or Remedy’sRx pharmacy won by Lisa Cyr from Ontario.
Dec 14: $750 Gift Card from Henry’s won by Sarah Nunweiler from Saskatchewan.
Dec 13: The White Gold Diamond Necklace and matching Earrings from Charm Diamond Centres has been won by Les Carlson from Alberta.
Dec 12: Smart TV from Visions Electronics won by Marcel Villeneuve from Québec.
Dec 11: $700 Shopping Spree from Globo Shoes won by Jacques Massicotte from Québec.
Dec 10: Cookware Bundle from Linen Chest won by Jason Cupples from Manitoba.
Dec 9: $750 Giant Tiger Gift Card won by Rosalind Lane from Ontario.
Dec 8: Hello Fresh for a Week won by Mario Ménard, Manon Piché, Manon Comeau, Josée Chabot and Silvana Palermo from Québec, Cherie Harper and Gloria Webber from Alberta, David Blizzard from British Columbia, Vicki White from Prince Edward Island and Paul Wilcox from Ontario.
Dec 7: Home for the Holidays Prize Pack from reebee won by Janet Milford from Ontario.
Dec 6: $500 Shopping Spree to Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse won by Meghan Pojerevacichi from Ontario.
Dec 5: $750 Gift Card from PharmaChoice won by Carmelo Canto from Ontario.
Dec 4: $750 Shopping Spree to Walmart won by Pamela Cheresna from Ontario.
Dec 3: $500 Shopping Spree at Princess Auto won by Jeannie Mayo from Newfoundland and Labrador.
Dec 2: Music for the Holidays Prize Pack from Long & McQuade Musical Instruments won by Marco Hamilton from Québec.
Dec 1: Toro 18 inch Power Clear 518 ZE Snowblower from The Home Depot won by Rachel Zakhem from Ontario.

Merci à tous ceux qui ont déjà participé au au concours des Jours de Noël reebee!

Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer que l’heureuse gagnante du grand prix final de 1000$ en argent offert par reebee est Corina Pritchett de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador. Félicitations! Nous contacterons tous les gagnant(e)s pour coordonner la livraison des prix.

*** Ce concours est maintenant terminé. *** Nous vous remercions tous d’avoir participé aux Jours de Noël 2020! Restez à l’affût via votre application reebee pour de futurs évènements et concours.

C’est ce moment magique de l’année de nouveau! Cliquez ici pour participer au concours des Jours de Noël reebee 2021.

Gagnant(e)s précédents

23 déc : le téléviseur intelligent JVC 4K Ultra HD DLED de 65 po a été gagné par Walter Malinowski de l’Alberta.
22 déc : la carte-cadeau de 750 $ pour IGA a été gagnée par Marie Josée Desnoyers du Québec.
21 déc : le barbecue Weber du Home Depot a été gagné par Tara Knight de l’Ontario.
20 déc : la séance de magasinage Canadian Tire a été gagnée par Joanne McManaman du Nouveau-Brunswick.
19 déc : les 750 $ à dépenser chez PharmaChoice ont été gagnés par Marvin Gibbons de Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador.
18 déc : l’ensemble pour maison intelligente de Bureau en Gros a été gagné par Ila Van Waes de l’Ontario.
17 déc : les 750 $ à dépenser chez les Aliments M&M ont été gagnés par John Kjarsgaard de l’Ontario.
16 déc : les 750 $ à dépenser chez PartSource ont été gagnés par Joyce Fairbarn de l’Ontario.
15 déc : 750 $ à dépenser chez les Pharmacies Guardian, I.D.A. ou Remedy’sRx a été gagné par Lisa Cyr de l’Ontario.
14 déc : la carte-cadeau de 750 $ pour Henry’s a été gagnée par Sarah Nunweiler du Saskatchewan.
13 déc : l’ensemble de bijoux de Charm Diamond Centres a été gagné par Les Carlson de l’Alberta.
12 déc : le téléviseur intelligent de Visions Electronics a été gagné par Marcel Villeneuve du Québec.
11 déc : 700$ pour magasiner chez Globo Shoes a été gagné par Jacques Massicotte du Québec.
10 déc : l’ensemble pour cuisine de Linen Chest a été gagné par Jason Cupples du Manitoba.
9 déc : 750 $ à dépenser chez Tigre Géant a été gagné par Rosalind Lane de l’Ontario.
8 déc : une semaine de repas Hello Fresh ont été gagnés par Mario Ménard, Manon Piché, Manon Comeau, Josée Chabot et Silvana Palermo du Québec, Cherie Harper et Gloria Webber de l’Alberta, David Blizzard de la Colombie-Britannique, Vicki White de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard et Paul Wilcox de l’Ontario.
7 déc : Janet Milford de l’Ontario a gagné le cinéma maison offert par reebee.
6 déc : Meghan Pojerevacichi de l’Ontario a gagné la séance de magasinage de 500 $ chez Samko & Miko Toy Warehouse.
5 déc : Carmelo Canto de l’Ontario a gagné la carte-cadeu de 750 $ de PharmaChoice.
4 déc : Pamela Cheresna de l’Ontario a gagné la carte-cadeau Walmart de 750 $
3 déc : le prix de la séance de magasinage de 500 $ chez Princess Auto a été gagnée par Jeannie Mayo de la Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador.
2 déc : le prix de la musique pour des Fêtes des Instruments de musique Long & McQuade a été gagné par Marco Hamilton du Québec.
1er déc: la souffleuse à neige Toro Power Clear 518 ZE (18 po) du Home Depot a été gagnée par Rachel Zakhem de l’Ontario.

132 thoughts on “reebee Days of Christmas Contest 2020 Winners

  1. Thank you all very much for donating your time and merchandise to make this contest happen.During this pandemic there is a loss of happy gatherings and I feel that your contest gives anyone that participates a feeling of joyful excitement that is hard to find in 2020. So let’s get this party going 🙂

    1. Would be awesome to win this tv. Ours just died and here in Quebec Christmas was cancelled and not easy with no tv and having kids. This would really be an awesome gift for the kids. Merry Christmas all and be safe 🙂

  2. this is a very nice giveaway and given the state of our world today, even nicer to have something uplifting to anticipate/participate.
    so, many thanks and a peaceful Christmas to all.

  3. Oh I’ve been playing for years lets hope this year is a lucky one for me and ny family! Thanks for the chance. Good luck xo

    1. Not this time. They’re all from eastern Canada so far. Hopefully, they’ll choose a westerner. Good luck to you as well.

  4. I hope some winners are chosen from Nova Scotia, Canada .. it always seems like they are selected from out west every time!

  5. Love what you are doing.
    Bringing people’s spirit up during this winter season with all that has been going on since March.
    Happy holidays all 🎄🎁

  6. I’m new to reebee this year & love it because I don’t always get my flyers and love the Shopping List option as well as the item search ….I also love this contest 🤞

  7. Each December I look forward to reebee’s Days of Christmas Contest, amazing prize gifts always, and the excitement of maybe actually winning one! Merry Covid19 Christmas to Everyone & Thanks reebee for keeping the Christmas Spirit alive 🎄 🎁🧸🎉🛒

  8. Awesome prizes!! Thanks so much for the chance!! Now I just need to remember to enter every day!!! Lol
    Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a safe Happy and Healthy New Year!!

  9. Your contests are amazing. Thank you for making some family enjoy a great treat from you guys! These contests are amazing and easy to join. Happy holiday♥️

  10. Any gift at this time would be amazing. With all that is going on in this world right now, winning ANY of these prizes would definitely be a little miracle.

  11. Great site. Nice and easy. Plan your list and off you go for all the special items found on reebee. And for the chances in winning great prizes!!!
    Great job
    Keep it up

  12. These gifts and this contest are incredible and would love to win one of these great items and shop for my family for Christmas. It is great for so many businesses in these trouble times to help make these gifts so awesomeness. Good luck everyone

  13. This is my first year entering the drawings, so congratulations to the winners. And good luck to everyone for future drawings. I love Reebee, so much easier than looking through pamphlets every week!! Thank you!! MERRY CHRISTMAS!! 🎄🌲

  14. I use reebee every time I want to shop. It’s very practical and saves me time and money. Merry Christmas to all!

  15. Thank you for a chance to win great prizes during this depressing times for everyone! Its wonderful to see things like this from companies, thank you and merry Christmas 🎅

  16. Merci beaucoup de votre attention envers vos clients! C’est très apprécié par ces temps difficiles!
    Merci aux marchands et à Reebee.
    Joyeuses Fêtes à tous! 🎅🏻

  17. Hi Reebee,
    Just wanted to say Thank-you for this exciting time of Reebee giveaways during a very trying time of the year.
    Christmas is a Wonderful time to show people how much you care.
    It brings Hope Joy & Peace in a world, that’s filled with unknown expectations.
    So Thank-you once again for trying to put a little bit of Happiness in someone’s life during this season.

  18. Thank you Reebee for the opportunity to try and win something during these difficult times! And I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! Keep safe everyone!!

  19. I’ve never once seen someone from where I live win. I love their contests but after everything that happened this year in NS I’d love to see some joy spread here

  20. Would be great to win! It would bring a little cheer for Christmas. Thank you for offering these chances to win!
    Merry Christmas!

  21. Congratulations to all the lucky winners thus far….like everyone, keep hoping I too may join the list of winners!!! Thank you for the chance to win fab prizes from your sponsors of this amazing giveaway. Happy Holidays to all!

  22. Merci beaucoup pour ce moments d’espoirs ♡ cela faisait longtemps que je n’en avais pas eu.. je vous remercie énormément et joyeuse fête à tous🎄🎄🎁🤞

  23. Love you reebee. Connected to you every day. Saving the environment with your flyers online making the world a better place. Thank you.

  24. Its really nice to see people happy to win. Just glad to be able to enter. something to look forward to every day. Helps to brighten mood as this has been a crazy year with the virus.

  25. This is definitely one of the best giveaways I could ask for this year.
    Thank you to all the sponsors and Reebee

  26. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS SO FAR !!!! Thank goodness there is some positive light (THANK YOU REEBEE AND SPONSORS ) at the end of this very weird crazy ; ever changing world we are living in and having to adapt to !!! We all are so super resilient !!!! Wanting to remind everyone to just breathe and don’t forget to give “ourselves “ a pat on the back and self hugs 🤗, since we can’t “ hug one another right now for just how much we’ve gone through in 2020 !!!!! We are amazing people , YES YOU ARE !!!!!! And a huge huge shout out to all the front line workers on and here and out there ; being so dedicated to keep the health system going and for being soo caring !!!!!! SENDING A HUGE VIRTUAL AIR HUG TO YA’LL !!!!! Thank you !!!!!
    This year won’t last forever, we just all have to do our part(s) so we can combat COVID. Keep your~ social ~ physical distance ; BE PATIENT ~ UNDERSTANDING ~ KIND , wear your mask 😷 ( yes you may not like it ; BUT JUST DO IT ) sanitize sanitize sanitize !!!!

    Christmas won’t look the same this year but I want to wish everyone a prosperous, safe, healthy holiday 💕
    Lots of love from Winnipeg , MB
    💕 💕 💕 💕 💕

  27. Merry Christmas 🎄
    Yes I noticed that to. Not seeing much here in the west(Alberta). Too bad.
    Lots in Ontario and the east.

  28. Thank you Reebee for a lttle added fun to December. Congratulations to all the winners.
    Happy Holidays one and all. Here is hoping 2021 is a kinder year. 🎄✨🎅🤶

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