The reebee Egg Hunt 2021

The reebee Egg Hunt 2021

The reebee Egg Hunt winners have been drawn!

We are so EGG-cited to share the 17 lucky winners for this year’s Egg Hunt. Thank you to everyone who participated! All participants did an EGG-cellent job locating eggs hidden in flyers on reebee. Congratulations to the winners! We will reach out directly to you to coordinate prize delivery.

The winner of the Grand Prize Sony PlayStation 5 Console is Patrick Labrecque from Alberta.

The 15 winners of the secondary $100 gift card prizes are…

Michelle Pothier from Alberta
Doris Racine from Québec
Crystal Hurley from Newfoundland and Labrador
Helen Godin from Québec
Aimen Muhammad from Québec
Jackie Phelan from Prince Edward Island
Leo Santaluce from Ontario
Sarah Balan from Ontario
Jonathan Roy from Québec
Mariell ST-Flour from Québec
Josianne Laurin from Québec
Ravdeep Mann from British Columbia
Lindsay Bertrand from Nova Scotia
Lin Mag from Québec
Magesh Raja Subbiah from Ontario

Lastly, congrats to all of those who located the rare Golden Egg!

The lucky winner of the Nintendo Switch Lite and $80 eShop gift card is Christa Robertson from Ontario!

Stay tuned for more exciting contests to come and keep connected on reebee to shop smarter!

La chasse aux cocos avec des lapins et des fleurs

Les gagnants de la Chasse aux cocos ont été tirés!

Nous sommes ravis de vous annoncer les chancŒUF 17 gagnants de la chasse de cette année. Merci à tous ceux qui ont participé! Tous les participants ont fait un travail merveillŒUF pour trouver les cocos cachés dans les circulaires sur reebee. Félicitations aux gagnants! Nous contactons tous les gagnants par courriel pour organiser la livraison du prix.

Le gagnant du grand prix, la console PlayStation 5 est Patrick Labrecque de l’Alberta.

Les 15 gagnants des prix secondaires de carte-cadeaux de 100$ sont …

Michelle Pothier de l’Alberta
Doris Racine du Québec
Crystal Hurley de la Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador
Helen Godin du Québec
Aimen Muhammad du Québec
Jackie Phelan de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard
Leo Santaluce de l’Ontario
Sarah Balan de l’Ontario
Jonathan Roy du Québec
Mariell ST-Flour du Québec
Josianne Laurin du Québec
Ravdeep Mann de la Colombie-Britannique
Lindsay Bertrand de la Nouvelle-Écosse
Lin Mag du Québec
Magesh Raja Subbiah de l’Ontario

Enfin, félicitations à tous ceux qui ont trouvé le rare œuf en or!

L’heureuse gagnante du Nintendo Switch Lite & carte eShop de 80 $ est Christa Robertson de l’Ontario!

Restez à l’affût pour d’autres concours passionnants à venir et restez connectés sur reebee pour magasiner intelligemment!

38 thoughts on “The reebee Egg Hunt 2021

  1. I hope I can win some prize from your company, It doesn’t matter how much I win & only for luck.

  2. I found 11! I hope to win, one of the GC. Helps esp with no disposable income because My niece loves pokemon and pikachu & charmander are 25% off and her birthday is coming up! Both would be just over ….Fingers CROSSED!

  3. I collected 4 eggs (including the golden egg) last night, came back this morning to collect more as I fell asleep and I had to fill out my information each time I found a new egg (unlike last night). The rules didn’t say they had to all be collected at the same time, so I hope the new eggs count! Thanks for a fun contest!

  4. I found 11 eggs, but I don’t think any were the gold one. Interesting way to spend Saturday afternoon.

  5. I found 20 Eggs including the Golden Egg. Very fun trying to find all the Eggs. Great to pass the time.

  6. This was really fun to do, and was a grate way to free yourself from boredom when your stuck in the house all day due to Covid.

  7. I just loved the Easter Egg Hunt game. I have loved the Reebee app for a long time and use it weekly, but never knew about any contests.

    This one was such fun to do!

    Thank you Reebee!

  8. Found 21 eggs including golden egg but still not a winner. Oh well congrats to all the winners. Bring on more contests Reebee, I am ready.

  9. This was a fun contest. I have a suggestion for a future contest, Maybe for Canada Day weekend have Beavers, Moose, Geese or Maple leafs in flyers to search for.

  10. Thanks for the contest it was fun butfrustrating at the same time because when you’re stuck at 13 and you can’t find anymore or golden egg it sucks but congrats to everybody that won

  11. Congrats winners. Ush i would have one. I want pikachu!!! Would love to see more winners from the prairies. No mb or sask winners. Lately

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