6 Canadian Grocery Stores that Price Match – and where you can save a lot on groceries

6 Canadian Grocery Stores that Price Match – and where you can save a lot on groceries

Stores that price match will reduce their price of a product to match the lower advertised price from a competitor. When you provide the retail associate with a digital or print copy of the competing offer, they will sell you the product for a lower price. Sometimes, they would even beat the competitor’s price.

Although it is one of the most effective ways to save money when grocery shopping, only select grocery stores offer price matching. You can use reebee to easily compare the price of a specific product in different stores!

Price Matching made easy using reebee

Below, we have compiled a list of all major Canadian grocery stores that price match. This blog post also contains the terms and conditions for price matching as outlined by the various stores. 

Let’s dive right in. 

Grocery Stores that Price Match

No Frills

No Frills logo

They have stores in all provinces except QC.

No Frills price match policy (aka “Won’t Be Beat”) applies “if a major supermarket competitor within this store’s geographical trade area offers a lower price on any item that we carry in our store simply show us an advertisement or receipt and we will sell you that item at the same price”. Note that No Frills does not price-match from all local competitors.

Have a look at No Frills’ flyer to see their weekly best deals!

Real Canadian Superstore

Real Canadian Superstore logo

They have stores in AB, BC, MB, ON, SK, YT.

Real Canadian Superstore’s price match policy is “show us a lower advertised price on an identical item and we will match it”. However, RCSS price match does not apply to ‘multi-buys’ (e.g. 2 for $4), ‘spend x get y free’, clearance, discounts obtained through loyalty programs, or offers related to third party operations (post office, gas bar, dry cleaners, etc.).

Have a look at Real Canadian Superstore’s flyer to see their weekly best deals!


FreshCo logo

They have stores in AB, BC, MB, ON, and SK.

FreshCo’s price match policy is “if a major supermarket competitor within your local store’s geographic trade area offers a lower price on any item that we carry in our store, simply show us their price in their flyer/ad (current) or on their receipt (within 14 days of purchase) and we will sell you that item for 1¢ less“. Yet, they only price-match select “major supermarket competitors”. 

Price matching does not apply to prescriptions or gift cards. The following are excluded: ‘spend x get x’ clearance sales, and ‘free’ promotions and discounts obtained through loyalty or other preferred customer programs. Also, competition misprints, withdrawn or corrected advertisements are not considered. FreshCo verifies competitor prices and limits it to 2 identical products/flavours.

Have a look at FreshCo’s flyer to see their weekly best deals!

Save on Foods

Save On Foods logo

They have stores only in AB, BC, MB, SK, YT.

Save on Foods’ price match policy is “if a competitor within our geographical trade area currently offers a lower advertised price than our current in-store price on any identical grocery item (brand, size, etc.) we will match the competitor’s price”. Yet, it is not valid for online shopping purchases. 

The price match policy excludes mandatory ‘multi-buys’ (e.g. $1.69 each when you buy 3), ‘spend x get y free’, percentage discounts, and discounts obtained through loyalty programs. 

Have a look at Save on Foods’ flyer to see their weekly best deals!

Giant Tiger/Tigre Géant

Giant Tiger logo

They have stores in all provinces except BC and NL.

Giant Tiger’s price match policy is that they will beat the advertised price of any competitor. If you find a local competitor offering a lower price on any identical item they carry in-store, simply show them their current flyer and they will sell you that item for 1 cent less than their price. 

Please note that price matching is not applicable to clearance sales, percentage discounts, rebates, combination promotions (e.g. Buy 2, Get 1 Free), private label products, online offers, preferred customer discounts or random discounts (Scratch and Save events), or to competitor misprints, withdrawn or corrected advertisements.

Have a look at Giant Tiger’s flyer to see their weekly best deals!


Maxi logo

They have stores only in QC.

Maxi’s price match policy is if a major supermarket competitor located in Quebec offers a lower price on any item they carry, they will match it, as long as the competitor’s advertisement is during its effective date and the items are the same. However, the caveat is that the price matching is limited to 4 items.

Have a look at Maxi’s flyer to see their weekly best deals!

Other Stores that Price Match

You may be wondering about other major grocery stores, such as Sobeys, Safeway and Metro. Unfortunately, these grocery stores do not price match. Yet, make sure to check this blog to find Canadian electronics and home improvement stores that do price match.

108 thoughts on “6 Canadian Grocery Stores that Price Match – and where you can save a lot on groceries

  1. I did shop Walmart, now that they announced they will not be doing any price matching I will be shopping at other super markets.

        1. Tina, SuperStore in Westboro price matches Maxi. I’ve been going there for years because they match all the cheaper stores Maxi, No Frills, Freshco, Food Basics and Giant Tiger!

        2. Gatineau PM at Maxi..they have a list by the customer service..a bit limited but better than nothing if you live there.

    1. Same here Walmart was my grocery place I would go to. I would spend about $1000 per month, Now forget it I am shopping at Maxi, Tiger Giante all others who price match. How could Walmart say that not many people use the price match, that is why they removed it. I used to see so many people price matching, they also said they have the best prices ?? are you kidding me why would I be price matching if Walmart had the best prices, They also said it is taking up too much time while check out. Walmart you just lost me as a consumer and sooo many other customers….. Bye Bye.

      1. I am shopping at Walmart for so many years, but due to their upcoming policy, I will not be going back and most probably so many other people are gonna do the same thing. By this move, Walmart is gonna loose tons of their customers.

      2. I am totally with you. The price match guarantee did hold up the lines, screen shot all of the discounts and placed the items on my cart in order of the screen shots. Then I started doing my shopping online and submitted all of the discounts. I placed my first order online since March of last year only to find out that they discontinued the ad match. I am thinking about switching to a store that still participates in admatch because I saved a lot of money that way.

      3. Well said. I also was told by manager that if they cut out price matching they can lower prices on an everyday basis. I seen nothing lower when I went back once since October when they stopped. I have not been back other than that since. And I’m sure I’m not the only one

    2. I left my whole order at the cash over $80. 00 and walked out .then went to Maxi and made my order. A bonus for Maxi . I will be going there from now on. By the way my Maxi order was over $100.00 as there were other sale items inthe store that were not in flyer
      Now Walmart loses out.

    3. I heard a rumour today that Superstore (i.e. Loblaws chain in whole, likely) might soon stop price matching. It’s apparently being discussed to follow Walmart’s lead. If they and No Frills both cease price matching, in addition to Walmart, this is the absolute worst decision they could make, to ask customers shopping for the best deals to go to five or six different grocery stores during a pandemic. Makes it hard to do any contact tracing!

      No news articles on this as it seems to be internal discussions and may vary by store. Our No Frills already refuses to price match their sister store, Shoppers Drug Mart, but does do price matching currently. Are they willing to be beat? LOL

    4. 0I was shocked Walmart decided not to do price matching anymore I just returned $100 worth of groceries I guess that’s their loss

    5. Right?! Now that Walmart won’t pricematch I avoid shopping there at all costs! I’d rather give my business to someone less evil

    6. I go to Giant Tiger first since Walmart won’t price match anymore. It’s because of these cry babies that complained because they had to stand in line for an extra minute. Boo boo

  2. I completely agree. A multi billion dollar company and your worried about price matching apple juice for .40 cents. Shame on you Wal-Mart. Open up another aisle and allow price matching to continue, it’s not rocket science. Yes, another lost customer.

  3. No more walmart for me…now I can go to any store I like…..Walmart was my first choice because of price match

    1. I find it disgusting that Walmart chose during a pandemic when people are having a hard enough time making ends meet and they actually get to keep their doors open chose to stop price matching they have also raised their prices on a lot of necessities shame on them

  4. I also agree. I will not go to Walmart for any of my groceries since they no longer price match. I’m happy to take my business to Real Canadian Superstore.

  5. Even their own employees are upset and don’t believe what Walmart is saying about the reason for stooping add matching policy. After Oct 15th I will not be going to Walmart as my 1st choice.

  6. I was told the exact same thing from one of the cashiers…total bullshit Walmart. Even your staff isnt beleiving it! There are always people price matching. Maybe there losing money…who knows
    But they lost me as a customer as well….
    Every Sunday …250.00 a week…im going eles where!!!

  7. I feel the same. I will go elsewhere and it is true that their prices are not the lowest as I wouldn’t have to price match to get my shopping done at one place. I believe it is the worse time to even think of doing this when people are struggling to pay their bills and need to save what they can. The delay at check out is because they never have enough cashiers and it is a complete cop out. They lost another customer! They should seriously concern keeping it if not many use it to keep customer base they have because of it.

  8. I will stop shopping at walmart now which was,my favourite store becoz they used to price match readily .

  9. Same here. I used to do price matching at walmart. They said that line up take too much time when doing price matching and I don’t see that, besides they can always hire more help but I guess they won’t do it. So I am going to other places where prices are competitive and they honor price match. Too bad walmart.

  10. Ha, the only reason I would tolerate getting substandard produce or not finding stock on the shelves and not finding the brands that I wanted, because of the price matching. Now going elsewhere is a no brainer. But make no mistake, they are not a multibillion dollar corporation for nothing, they’ve probably studied this to death. I could have sworn they had announced this before the pandemic though.

    1. We used to price match very time we went to Walmart and that was weekly for maybe staple items. Now that there is not price match I will shop at freshco across the street as they still price match. Bad decision Walmart I know so many people that price match at Walmart.

    2. They did announce it b4 the pandemic = last year in the USA. I guess Walmart watched them for reaction b4 deciding whether or not to pull in Canada too

  11. I will no longer be shopping at Walmart one of the stores tht was on top of price matching is stopping it pfft other super markets here I come

  12. I just got home from Price matching the few things lower somewhere else, at Walmart and was told it is ending, well, shopping at walmart will end for me too!! I have a NO Frills the same distance, so they will now get all my business.
    Price matching helped me from having to go to too many stores, especially during covid!

  13. I will be shopping at the Canadian superstore from now on. I used to shop at Walmart every week, and I used to price match and save. But now I wont be shopping at Walmart since they are stopping price matching! Its ridiculous that they’re stopping the price matching. Some people rely on that to save money. Cheap move from their end.

  14. The decision that Walmart is getting rid of admatch in the middle of the worst economic crisis the world has ever seen (which has only boosted sales at grocery stores!) shows that its leaders are letting greed spearhead their decision. And this policy is only in Canada! I’m switching to Canadian stores permanently.

  15. I will not be shopping at Walmart anymore either… Give us a break Walmart!! I will be going the competition from now on!!

  16. Walmart please revoke your descision to not price match. Shoppers price match on w or e items buf they buy other stuff at regular prices.Not a good marketing move. Even on price match items you make profit, never a loss.

  17. It was nice to shop at Walmart, but not anymore as people will look for better deals and price make you shop at one place. They should reverse their new policy

  18. Open price match registers ONLY like for beer. Let the ppl
    Who wants to price match decide if they want to do the wait
    Set a 5 items price matching limit
    I think walmart’s is lacking on ppl with good ideas

  19. No price match – no Walmart. Their prices are nearly always highest. Customer service is terrific. Will miss shopping here but prices on everything is rising with no noticeable change on income. Forced to go elsewhere.

  20. No price match – no Walmart. Their prices are nearly always highest. Customer service is terrific. Will miss shopping here but prices on everything is rising with no noticeable change on income. Forced to go elsewhere.

  21. I’m so heartbroken that Wal-Mart is no longer willing to HELP the people in our small town in price matching.
    Our little town has gone through so many changes, loss of jobs, closings of many factors and business. I my household my husband and I have both Lisa our jobs.
    Wal-Mart made it so much easier for us…one stop shop.
    Not anymore…thanks for another kick in the teeth!!!!

  22. I truly think that it’s a shame that Walmart has stopped their price match policy. Unfortunately this will make me go elsewhere that does price match …… everything is so expensive that I refuse to pay more for the same things. I will return to shop there for my groceries once their price match comes back. And only then

  23. I’m a retiree who was always doing my weekly grocery shopping at Walmart. Not any more. I’m now doing my shopping where Admatch is offered.
    Shame on Walmart.

  24. The reason I was shopping at Walmart, was to was their price match. They don’t keep the best quality. I I will be shopping else where.

  25. I, too am disappointed that Wal-Mart is no longer price matching. The store is closer to me and convenient, especially with price matching. Now I will drive to the other end of town to a store that does price match. I think Wal-Mart will lose a lot more customers than they realize because of this decision. Count me as one.

  26. My mom and I would go to Walmart every Saturday….between the 2 of us we would spend around 400.00 dollars with price matching…guess we are going to the Real Canadian Super Store from now on….see ya Walmart..

  27. I saved BIG on Walmart price matching but now will take my business to stores that will.
    Oh , well I was in Walmart for groceries I would get some cat litter , garbage bags, air filters for my car and furnace , some dish soap and maybe some clothes. Not now. I will go to the ones that match and if they all store I will do like in the old days and drive to each store to cherry pick.
    Bye Bye Walmart !

  28. I won’t be shopping at Walmart until they re-offer price matching. My money is also important to me, and I will give my business to a company that values Canadians and their hard work. Dropping the ball during COVID is disrespectful for a company that has been underpaying its employees and benefitting from Canadian tax breaks.

  29. Walmart tried this a few years ago and got so much backlash that they reinstated again. I too will be going elsewhere.
    They just ‘reopened’ our Walmart but what is the sense in re-opening when your shelves have been empty for months. I have gone to other store and their shelves are full.
    They say they are offering the lowest price but I’m sure I could price match 10 things that are at least $1.50 – $2.00 cheaper. These days anything one can do to save money is a plus.

  30. I am a long time one stop Walmart price match shopper. I was completely devastated when I heard that this multi-million dollar company in the midst of a pandemic was changing their policy to no longer price match. I’m going to take my business elsewhere. Even with their rollbacks, their pricing is still no match for the lowest pricing out there. You can count me out!

  31. I’ve been shopping less and less at Walmart for some time now. Their prices have slowly crept up on the few name brands I can still find there. I’m tired of having to go to the other stores anyway because I don’t like the sub-standard Great Value brand. Bye bye Walmart. This was the last straw for me

  32. I have read all the posted comments above, how everyone is disappointed on Walmart’s decision to discontinue price matching. I feel everyone’s pain and angst. Unless on sale Walmart prices are not the lowest. Fliers have always been my best reads and now No Frills and Fresco will get more of my hard earned dollars. I urge Walmart to reconsider. Shoppers, organize your groceries before you reach the cashier. This will speed up and enhance your good checkout experience. And so will the next customer in line.

  33. No longer going to Walmart due to cancellation of price matching. Now with self checkouts one staff told me they are happy as it is less work for them….keep thinking like that & you will be out of a job one day!

  34. I was in a local Walmart this past weekend and was not aware of the policy change. As I proceeded to the checkout I placed all the items on the conveyor belt…first the regular priced items and then the price match items last as I organize them by flyer/store to make it easier for myself and the cashier. When the cashier saw my flyer he pulled it off the items and sarcastically said, “we don’t price match anymore”. I replied in shock “what? Are you kidding me???” He flashed a sign in front of me, above my eye level that simply stated that “Walmart no longer accepts price match as of Oct. 15″. Well guess what happened next? I left everything there…and I said, ” well I guess my policy just changed as of Oct. 18…I won’t be shopping at Walmart anymore”. Cashier didn’t care, smiled sarcastically, and called over a supervisor to explain what just happened and got him to clear the counter. They were both pissed and annoyed. I guess they are not customers and feel that what Walmart just did will not affect them in any way. Well guess what? When you no longer have a job because there are much less customers shopping at Walmart, talk to me then…thanks Walmart, for a stupid and greedy and unrational move during this Pandemic…especially since we spend about $1000 or more per month at Walmart alone and its not even a fraction of what we spend at other stores too per any given month. We buy everything from groceries, to clothing to crafts to household goods and health and beauty aids..you made it easier for most of us to go elsewhere but much harder for yourselves. Less customers means less traffic, less sales and less profits for Walmart. Not the opposite. Stupid decision is an understatement…

  35. It was nice to go the wallmart to shop and match price groceries and non groceries at the same time. I spent over $1,000 a month.
    But since they stop match pricing Im going to somewhere. (No Frills or Fresco)

  36. Walmart will lose a lot of business. You go for a few price match items and then you end up buying a lot of other groceries. Such greed in these hard times. No mire Walmart for me either.

  37. I used to shop at Walmart and price matched, but I found they were pulling the product from the shelf if it was in another store flyer, it was very frustrating. now that are not pricing matching at all I will not shop there any more. I think will find they are loosing a huge customer base and will resume price matching or face possible closing stores.

  38. This really sucks and is a huge blow to our budget. We always did the majority of our shopping at our local Walmart because of their price match policy. Not any more. Will support those who support us back as consumers.

  39. We have shopped Walmart weekly, $200 – $250 each week plus in between and they have lost our business forever.
    We knew this was coming since the last few months they would take things off the shelf that was advertised someplace else, they would move items to where you had to search and most gave up and didnt get that item etc.

  40. I was a loyal Walmart customer and price matched a lot. Now it’s gone, I’ll be shopping at other stores. Maybe Walmart now and again, bit instead of weekly it’ll be monthly or less

  41. I agree completely that it is a shame the Walmart does not price match any long. They will lose a lot of business.
    The only reason I shop the is for the price matches and I can save $5 or more each time. And they have free pick up. I will be shopping at a different store for now on.

  42. My family & I have stopped shopping at Walmart since they have taken away price matching, and between all of us we spent at least $1000 a month ( times that by 3 households $3000 a month.)
    They are lying when they say not many people were price matching, yet they also said in that same statement that, price matching was holding up the line at the registers, which is it??
    That’s what happens when you have the upper management at head office making these ridiculous decisions. And you think given the times we are all living in (COVID19) they would keep the price matching policy, but greed is an ugly thing. My family & I will be spending our money elsewhere.

  43. I will not be shopping at walmart no more …sad tho cause apart of the groceries I bought I use to grab pet supplies or kitchen or toys there was more then just groceries in my kart…bad move walmart ..I’ll spend my 1400. else where and I guaranty I am not the only one that will be doing that

  44. Corporate says, “nobody takes advantage of the price match” and “inconvenient time consumption at the checkout lines’ — I call this a total bullSh*t lie. Walmart, listen, and read to the comments !!!
    i spend, thousands of dollars in a year’s period shopping at walmart and you’re lies now force me to hit you where it hurts — I will stop shopping and giving your greed corporation all my money

  45. No more Walmart hassel for me. Price match was the main reason I shopped there. No more. After they ran all computers out of business, they now compete with customers. Craft stores are all gone, their pet foods, Ol’Roy is being deleted and down sized. Now I have to get my dogs adjusted to another food/treat brand. I am tired of this crap.

  46. I walked into Walmart today to purchase a few things as well as price match some grocery items. I only found out that Walmart cancelled Price matching when the cashier pointed to the recent sign posted with no other explanation. I left my price matching groceries which would’ve cost an extra $40. I used to drive further to Walmart, now I will not be shopping there. Sorry- lost me. Hello RCSS.
    Disappointed Customer

  47. I had to leave stuff at the checkout, it’s ridiculous!
    I wont be shopping at Walmart anymore if they dont price match!
    They were getting customers for avg 3-5% price match from their entire cart. What a loss for them!

  48. After using the self checkout I called an associate over to verify my price matches (totally unaware they had stopped price matching). She told me that Walmart stopped their price match program and I honestly had a mild heart attack. I told the associate well then “Since you’re here, you’re going to have to void some stuff”. I only purchased the items I picked up on sale and to be honest, I’m kind of glad because every time I went to my local Walmart in Alliston, ON, they never had anything I was looking for. The shelves are always empty. Their replenishment on items suck. I will be shopping at RCSS from now on and as a bonus RCSS has a better selection of merchandise and vendors anyway.

  49. Mostly everyone is struggling now due to COVID and they stopped price matching??!!!! I will not give them any businesses my way of saying thank you! I guess the Billion dollar family is struggling during this time too.

  50. Our local Walmart @ Stockyards re redesigned its store. They now sell a fewer variety of products (hardware dept. completely gone) and the prices have gone up. Notice how you have to now buy 3 or 4 same items to get any type of deal? They are also pushing customers to self-serve or wait twice as long for a cashier. So much for customer service. Refusing to price match is the final straw! The Walmart novelty has quickly worn off. No Frills and Fresh Co still price match.

  51. What now takes up the cashiers time is not price matching but it is the need for the customer to bring a product to the cashier to find the price and then decide to buy it or leave it……nothing seems to be priced anymore, price checkers do not work, dropping price matching lost me too

  52. Walmart said, “not many people were using it”, “it was taking too long at checkout”, “our prices are lower anyway”. If the first is true, the second is contradicting it. If the third was true, the first would be true by default, yet every weekly grocery bill would be at least 20% less than original. Sometimes it would go down 30- 35%.

    Well, I guess superstore it is for me!

  53. I dont like when I buy my grocery at walmart and they didnot do price match.. I will then prefer to go to other stores who still do

  54. Walmart stopped price matching, I stopped shopping there, its real simple, other grocery stores price match so if the price is lower at Walmart I’ll get the benefit

  55. SuperStore lost me as a customer when they stopped sending out Flyers, but now I’ll take the Walmart flyer with me and go there, so I can get price matching. I’ll see their flyer on the wall. Sigh.

  56. I would go to Walmart to Pricematch and then buy other products while I was there. So it was win win but now its not worth it to go there when I have to go to other places also. Besides walmart usually has the worst produce anyway. I hate that company anyway.

  57. i had to pick up my medicine and figured i’d save a few trips by price matching. found out at the cashier they no longer price match..with anyone!! i only kept 4 items out of the approximately 25 that i was going to purchase. cashier was not happy. i only kept the 4 items because they were cheaper than anywhere else. if the pharmacists weren’t so good to me i would go to another drugstore!! that’s all i will be purchasing at walmart!!!

  58. I used to shop at Walmart because of the price match. That’s $800/month that will now be spent at No Frills, Fresh Co or Superstore. It’s not true about delays st the cash register. For the last three years I shopped 3 times a week I never got held up by anyone else nor held anyone up. Everyone has apps on their phone now for price matching and its quick and easy. I think Walmart is just making excuses so they can get another % of profit instead of providing the best price.

  59. I hardly go to Walmart anymore ever since they stopped price matching to save their behind except when someone specifically wants something from there. I shop at Real Canadian now. Bye Walmart

    1. If people start doing price matching
      and stop buying very expensive items, prices will drop for sure. In canada, food cost is among the highest in the world, because we almost import everything and also there is no enough competition. I lived before in europe and never compare food prices because it was almost the same price everywhere, but in Canada the price differences are huge and somtimes insane. I wonder if there is consumer protection here.

  60. Walmart…you should be ashamed of your tactics. Myself..mom and sister won’t be spending our 300 a week at your store.
    We should have ALWAYS been spending at REAL CANADIAN superstore.
    Nicer stores. ..better stocked
    Good luck in this new stategy

  61. NOBODY price matched b4 Wal-Mart came along & enticed customers to shop there…
    …The only reason that other stores began offering price matching was to get their customers to come back! Do u *really* think the other stores are going to keep price matching, now that WalMart is not??

    If EVERYONE stops shopping at Wal-Mart, and Wal-Mart pulls out of Canada altogether, ***WHERE*** will u all go to buy your clothes? Your Sporting Goods? Your Hardware items? Your seasonal decor??

  62. It is hard to price match at the self-checkout lanes and I see that as a big reason for them stopping the price matching. By taking that away, they can open more self-checkouts and hire less cashiers. Not shopping there any more especially that the other local Superstore and NO Frills continue to price match.

  63. Bring back price matching, it never slowed down anyone some cashiers r slow at it and dont know what they r doing, and there is no Giant Tiger in nl so dont knownwhy it would be mentioned above, maybe its time to put a Giant Tiger in nl

  64. RCSS and No Frills are becoming particular with their price matching just like Wal Mart used to do… the item has to be just like in the picture even though it’s the same name, same size,… Freshco has been good so far. I’ve not yet tried Giant Tiger, but their selections are small so it’s hard to price match with them.

  65. Corporate greed at it’s finest!

    Money hungry Walmart executives have now successfully pissed of their customer base enough that they will now shop at stores that provide the best bang for their hard earned dollars and provide consumers with perks and price matching.

    Shame on Walmart for pulling a stunt like this during the pandemic. This is the time when you don’t want people running from store to store. Obviously Walmart doesn’t care about the health and welfare of Canadians.

    They are not the only gig in town and should realize their substandard produce, poorly stocked shelves and now no price matching, have now made it easier for us to support those other stores that support us! Good riddance Walmart.

  66. Please Support Canadian supermarkets .
    And shop for our country’s benefits which at the end will benefit everyone.
    Real Canadian superstore is the best .

  67. I stopped shopping at Walmart from November 2020 once they are not price matching . I was spending 225 to 250 dollars on my groceries every week at Walmart. Now I don’t shop anymore . I have not visited Walmart after that . Now I buy groceries from Freshco .

  68. I believe in one stop shopping however the only occurs when the store price matches so goodbye Walmart I haven’t been there since October 2020 and have no intention of going anymore people often think Walmart is a lot cheaper they are wrongLearn your prices and you will see

  69. The Great Canadian Superstore is starting to reduce the number of stores they accept to price match. It won’t be long before they too will end price matching…

  70. I was very disappointed when I moved to the east coast in August last year, I could not find any stores for price matching. Walmart wasn’t price matching, The Superstore is not price matching… and why is it, in Ontario anyway, as I am not familiar with other provinces, why is it called The Real Canadian Superstore. When I moved here in NB, I found the Atlantic Superstore? Are they not Canadian also? If they are not two of the same chain why does the store look identical inside and out? My rant for today… and don’t be fooled it’s not cheaper in the east coast at all

  71. Well, I am disappointed in Wal-Mart over the last couple of years, no price match, the inconvenience of having to find the right change for a shopping cart and guess what, increase of prices, I’m not fooled, oftern their prices are more than their competitors. I don’t run to Wal-Mart anymore like I use to, I will go to stores where the prices are cheaper and where they still care enough to meet and surpass lower pricing elsewhere.

  72. you ppl are just a bunch of whiners go to other food stores and everything is pretty comparable go drive across the city to save a buck and spend 3 on fuel Super deal .

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